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The History of our Midwest area

KANSAS Situated on the American Great Plains became the 34th state on January 29, 1861. Kansas has long been known as part of America’s agricultural heartland. Kansas is ranked the #1 wheat producing state in the U.S. with approximately 467.4 Million bushels produced in 2016 and is appropriately labeled as the “wheat state”. The livestock industry in Kansas has long been one of the important aspects of the state's agricultural economy. Cattle drives, packinghouses, and large ranches are a significant part of this picture. The state ranked third in the nation in cattle population by 1890. Mixed farming (grain-livestock) has always been the predominant form of agriculture in the state.

Oil & Gas drilling and production history in Kansas dates back to the mid 1800’s: Drilling for Kansas Oil & Gas production started in the 1800’s and by 1904, Kansas was producing four million barrels of oil per year. By 1925 was ranked 5th among all states in oil production and was the location of the initial discovery that later defined the “Mid-Continent” petroleum region

OKLAHOMA The original Oklahoma Land Run started with a “pistol shot” on April 22, 1889 and was followed by 6 additional land runs over the next 6 years. Oklahoma became the 46th state to join the union on November 16, 1907. From early in its history Oklahoma has been a major factor in the cattle industry dating back to the 1830’s and currently ranks 4th in cattle numbers with over 5 million head. The state is known for innovations in in soil & water conservation, with over 200 lakes (the largest number of man-made lakes of any state in the U.S.). Prior to statehood Oklahoma was part of the Indian Territory, and honorable cultures from multiple tribes continue to favorably shape the state’s principles, policy and economy.

Oklahoma Oil & Gas production history dates back to the Nellie Johnstone #1 well, drilled near Bartlesville, Oklahoma in 1897. Ranking 5th in natural gas production and 6th for crude oil, Oklahoma would be considered one of the top energy producers in the world if it was an independent country. As a testament to the importance of oil & gas in our state, the Oklahoma State Capitol is the only capitol with an active oil well on the property; nicknamed the "Petunia #1" because they started drilling it in a flower bed in 1941.



The history of Kansas & Oklahoma has proven the area to provide some of the top outdoor recreational hunting in the United States. It’s no secret that the area ranks near the top for Boone & Crockett entries on Whitetail Deer and statistically speaking offers the third best chance to harvest a trophy of a lifetime. With strong management practices and limited barriers to non-resident hunters, the area provides excellent opportunities for Upland Game, Predators and Waterfowl. The Whitetail genetics of the Midwest are no longer a secret, and land prices in the area are a fraction of the cost when compared to most of the other top producing Trophy Whitetail Hunting states.

The Midwestern lifestyle & Culture are incredibly diverse. This is the land of cowboys and Indians. We have a long history of agriculture, farm, ranch, cattle, horses, oil & gas production and recreational hunting & fishing.

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